Introductory note

My first encounter with mindfulness approach occurred in 1998. Even though I was familiar with just a few basic mindfulness methods, after a few weeks of practicing I started to feel significant positive changes.

My focus has become better, making it much easier for me to study at the Law School, feelings of various concerns that I often experienced would only occasionally come up, and emotional oscillations (which were a regular occurrence for me at that time) almost disappeared.

Already after a year of practicing mindfulness methods, I became so thrilled with the results and with a general feeling that practicing of mindfulness provided me with that I wanted to share all the tools and methods with as many people as I could, so I started to hold free mindfulness courses at my dorm.

Despite all the benefits, I treated mindfulness as something that can exclusively be used for “private needs” and I have not seen the link at all (nor did I explore the possibilities) in what way this methodology could be used in everyday business and thus improve your own focus on tasks and business goals, develop productivity and efficiency, improve communication skills and drastically reduce stress and workplace burnouts.

I did not see the link … until sometime around 2006 when I have experienced my personal business calvary”, which arose after a complete investment failure and lasted about two years.

The story is too long for the introductory note, but briefly explained, the situation “forced” me not only to dive deeper into the mindfulness method (so I could preserve both physical and mental health due to tremendous stress and pressure that wasn’t coming to an end), but to also comprehend on the personal experience the value of mindfulness tools, methods and strategies and what effect can it have in everyday business, especially in times when it is necessary to be extremely mature, focused, rational and adaptable despite massive pressures and uncertainties.

From that moment on, a persistent exploration of the various ways in which Mindfulness tools, methods and strategies can be implied to business people and conveying that knowledge to them has become one of my greatest life passions, all to help them improve their efficiency and help them use those wonderful mindfulness skills to make their life more beautiful and satisfying.

Pro Mindfulness™ programs are the result of my 20-year research, which includes ten years of active work and the application of the same tools in coaching with hundreds of business people from various industries. All the tools, methods and strategies taught in the program have shown extraordinary efficiency and practical value in everyday business.

My wish is that mindfulness finds the way in your personal experience and helps you or your company or organization to establish new thinking pathways and actions that will bring you to the desired results.

Tomislav Tomic

(creator of Pro Mindfulness programs & trainings)